9 Essential Podcasts For Coffee Afficionados

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Do you dream of spending your days grinding beans with gusto and scouring the planet for your perfect next cup? Then read on.

Whether you're a cafe owner, an amateur brewing scientist, or you just love to drink the stuff, these podcasts will give you new insights into the world of coffee, and the people that make great cups of joe happen.

1. Cat & Cloud:

Two expert baristas share their insights into brewing and "the coffee biz" on a weekly basis. A long-running crowd favorite.

2. I Brew My Own Coffee:

"A Podcast for people who care about coffee". Featuring in-depth interviews with industry experts, reviews of the latest brewing tech and most interesting beans, and discussions of coffee culture.

3. Sweet Maria's Coffee Podcast:

Obscure and interesting stories from the coffee world. Learn about organic production in Honduras, fermentated coffee, and the process of tasting coffee professionally.

4. Coffee is ME:

Interested in starting your own coffee business? Just interested in learning more about the industry? Give this show a listen. Valerian, the host, has a strong Hungarian accent that takes some practice to understand, but once you do, you'll really enjoy the immense insight he has to share on starting a coffee business and brewing a good cup.

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5. Opposites Extract:

A cleverly named series of debates and discussions about craft coffee. Pick a side and enjoy the fight (and learn a lot too).

6. Coffee Sprudgecast:

Detailed interviews with the best baristas and roasters not just around the country, but around the world.

7. Adding Some Flavor:

I love learning the nuts-and-bolts of different industries. "Add Some Flavor" takes a fascinating look at "coffeepreneurs" - the people who sell and market coffee - and what it takes to make a coffee company "the next big thing".

8. The Coffee Podcast:

A very wide-ranging coffee podcast. Meet top roasters and baristas, learn about the newest technologies, and explore what it takes to make your next cup taste better.

9. Stone Creek Coffee:

Great for commutes: Produced by the Milwaukee-based craft roaster of the same name, this coffee-talk podcast discusses off-beat topics like food containing coffee, fermentation, and coffee cocktails, as well as more traditional topics like roasting at home. As entertaining as it is educational.

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