20 Of the Best Podcasts For Foodies

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Are you the type of food nerd who loves to spend a day carefully plating your breakfast, finding a hidden-gem lunch spot, and photographing your dinner to perfection? Then read on. Each of these podcasts, featuring the best chefs, food historians, and restauranteurs in the world, will keep your ears as well-fed as your tummy.

1. The Sporkful:

Host Dan Pashman claims this show is for eaters, not foodies, but this podcast is worth a listen for every careful diner worth his/her salt. The obscure, interesting stories Pashman explores in each episode will expand your palate and help you re-think why you eat the way you do, and how the dishes around you are prepared.

2. Bon Appétit Foodcast:

Produced by the famed magazine of the same name, this podcast explores food through the eyes of some of the best chefs and restauraunteurs in the world. Shows are wide-ranging, featuring everything from cooking tips, to stories of the restaurant industry.

3. America's Test Kitchen:

If you can get past the a-little-too-folksy fascade of this show, each 50 minute episode is perfect for listening to as you cook, as you run, or on your commute. Guests like Mario Batali and José Andrés pay a visit to discuss everything from the rebirth of American cuisine to the economics of tipping.

4. Go Fork Yourself with Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren:

Featuring Travel Channel star Andrew Zimmern, this show is as much a talk show as it is a food show. Beyond just chefs, Zimmern and Mogren bring in untraditional guests like author Tim Ferriss to discuss food, travel, and much more. Currently on hiatus, but past episodes are worth a listen.

TIP: The best way to enjoy great podcasts is to use great headphones.

5. Gravy:

Take a trip to "the South" with Gravy. Just don't ask how to cook grits. Gravy tells stories, exploring odd quirks of southern cuisine, from out-of-place gems (i.e Corned beef in Mississippi), to the origin of staple foods (i.e Coca-Cola).

6. Burnt Toast:

Short and snackable (15-20 minutes each - Perfect for short commutes). Learn about the horrible food in the Roosevelt White House (and why it was so bad), the history of margerine, and the science of fat. If it's an oddly fascinating food story, Burnt Toast has it.

7. A Time and a Plate:

What does food have to do with history? Well, it says something that phrases like "an army marches on its stomach" are so popular. They're true! This show explores the influence of food on history (and history on food), from chocolate, to croisants, to spices. Well-produced and fascinating.

8. Bite:

Food meets pop culture and current events. From the politics of farming, to Silicon Valley's search for a meat substitute, and the relationship between shipping and coffee, Bite is the food podcast for the present.

9. Food Programme:

When it's rainy and I'm at my desk, I daydream of being far away, in a cafe in Europe, sipping on a cappucino and taking in the bustle. On those days, I listen to the Food Programme. This show explores the world through food, all told in amazing British radio voices. Seriously, listen for the accents.

10. The Slow Melt:

Chocolate is an ingredient so versatile, delicious, and fascinating that you could dedicate an entire show to it. Luckily, someone has. The Slow Melt tells the story of chocolate, from bean to bar (or cup, or bowl), and explores the way chocolate is produced and used around the world.

11. The Eater Upsell:

Weekly food discussion podcast from Eater, the popular dining-focused blog. Meet legendary chefs, interesting food entrepreneurs, and genuine foodies from across the country, and hear what's new and noteworthy in nibbles.

12. Splendid Table:

Long-running podcast telling the story of American eating, from the water we use, to the impact a meal can make on a life, or a community.

13. Spilled Milk:

Can food be funny? "Every week on Spilled Milk, writers/comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton start with a food-related topic, from apples to winter squash, and run with it as far as they can go—and, regrettably, sometimes further."

14. Special Sauce With Ed Levine:

I love SeriousEats. My laptop usually has 3-4 tabs of their site open, so perhaps I'm a bit biased in including their podcast. Regardless, Special Sauce is a special show. From Seth Godin advising young food entrepreneurs, to Mario Batali talking shop, this show goes into depth on obscure food topics every foodie should explore.

15. Evolutionaries:

How do famous chefs and culinary stars come to be? Evolutionaries answers, one kitchen wizard at a time.

16. Gastropod:

Cooking is 50% art and 50% science. If you have some mad-scientist genes, this is the show for you. Gastropod explores the science of food, from peanuts, to fried chicken, to vegetarianism.

17. A Taste of the Past:

If you like history and food, you'll love food history. From ancient Syrian cuisine to the invention of fast food, enjoy culinary historian Linda Pelaccio's engaging dives into the dinners of last century (and last millenium for that matter).

18. Doughboys:

Chain restaurants aren't that bad when you're reviewing them as a joke. On this show "Comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger review chain restaurants and generally gab about grub"

19. Cook The Perfect...:

Not sure what you're having for dinner? Download an episode of CTP at work and figure out dinner on the car-ride home.

20. The Alton Browncast:

(45 minutes) Food nerds beware: Alton Brown does have a podcast (or at least he did until recently). Don't expect as the same crazy food science he displays "Good Eats", but do expect great conversations around food and interesting tips for your next meal.

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